International Women's day... meet the artisans!

We want to celebrate this month with the women who make the creation of the Taller Maya's unique pieces possible by recognizing their talent and dedication to each of the artisanal techniques that they work with, while preserving and promoting  the Mayan culture, for this reason we are happy to share these stories.
Meet Evelia Hu
Evelia is an artisan from the Henequen workshop in Santa Rosa, she started working in the workshop 13 years ago hoping to improve her family economy as she is the mother of two children, working in the workshop not only helped her financially but she also grew as a person and stayed close to her family, since she didn’t had to leave her community to work and therefore she didn’t neglect her children.
Meet Cecilia ek
Cecilia is a master artisan of bull horn, she has been working for 15 years in the community of Temozon. Being a mother and grandmother,  she never thought she could get where she is now. Cecilia has won awards for her designs. She enjoys teaching others and being able to transmit what she knows because she does not want to miss the technique that for so many years they have worked, besides that she knows how to embroider and sew, she works along with her partners in the community, they participate together in activities for the benefit of their people.
Meet Rosalinda Cetz Sulu
Rosalinda is an henequen artisan from the community of Itzincab, she has practiced the technique for 13 years, she is the mother of 5 children,  4 of which already have a professional career. One of Rosalinda's priorities when working with her technique is to focus on the quality of each of her products instead of worrying about the number of her creations.
In addition to her work with the workshop, Rosalinda cares about giving back to her community,  she participates in the community committee and cares about the social and economic development. Finally she thanks Taller Maya because it is because of the work she does that she has been able to see her children complete their studies.
Stories like these are what motivate us to continue exploring  different techniques that represent the magic of the Mayan world. Keep going with us through this magical ride and don’t forget to support these amazing women  by buying their handmade pieces at our stores.