Urdiendo ritmos

The collaboration of Taller Maya´s artisans with the artist Héctor Zamora. 

Jardin Ochil is located in an amazing restored hacienda, near Merida, Yucatan.

In this space TAE Foundation (Transformation, Art and Education) experiments and shares cultural projects in collaboration with several artists and foundations like Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya. 

This summer season opens up with two amazing exhibits by the artist Héctor Zamora (Urdiendo ritmos) and Marilá Dardot (En el silencio nunca hay silencio).

Urdiendo ritmos (weaving rhythms) explores the technologies that artisans develop in the Yucatan Peninsula to work with natural fibers, pigments and the weaving of sansevieria threads (native plant from Yucatan).

Héctor worked in collaboration with Taller Maya´s artisans specialized in hammock weaving from Santa Rosa, San Antonio Millet and Yaxunah, Yucatán.

 Taller Maya´s master artisans wove and colored the sansevieria to create with the artist amazing pieces that represent a conversation of art, tradition, culture and artisanal mastery.


Hector Zamora is a Mexican artist focused in exploring and expressing the practices and techniques of artisans and construction workers, along with their spaces of interaction. His work has been exhibited around the globe in iconic art spaces like Palais de Tokyo, Venice and Habana´s Bienal, among others.

Get lost in the patterns and colors of these art pieces while you walk around one of Yucatan´s most beautiful haciendas. The exhibit will be open until December on good weather weekends.

Meet the artisans!

 For us is important to give credit to the people behind our artisanal pieces, recognizing their amazing talent and commitment to the preservation of artisanal techniques that represent the Mayan culture. Here are some of the faces behind this great art collaboration.


Yenni Maricela Canul Tamay

Juana  De Arco Balderas  Puch
Nombres Melva Yolanda Chan Tec  

Celia Lorenza Chan Canul