Taller Maya’s artisans, bring their mastery and the beauty of the  Mayan culture, to the new collection of Christian Louboutin.

"I am a great admirer of Mexican embroideries, their colors, the designs of wild animals that are somewhat innocent and the image of death represented in a humorous way, taking away the chilling."

Christian Louboutin.

Mexicaba is the result of the collaboration of Christian Louboutin, with the artisans of Taller Maya, an entrepreneurial network part of the social entrepreneurship program of Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, which is dedicated to boosting the social capital of rural communities, in the Yucatan Peninsula to develop a sustainable growth.

Protected by Ixchel, goddess of love, fertility and weavers, artisans of Campeche preserve the heritage of Mayan culture with woven loom fabrics that reflect their tradition, feelings and love for their culture.

More than 100 artisans combine the complexity and mysticism of the Mayan waist loom, the delicacy of the embroidery, the precision of wood carving and the creativity of horn carving for the elaboration of a unique piece, that carries in its techniques and design a beautiful story of social commitment and cultural heritage of the Mayan communities.

In communities of Yucatan and Campeche like Santo DomingoQuetzal and Laureles, artisans gather to share their knowledge, to new generations and create handmade pieces that help increase, their monthly income, weaving paths of success and improving the quality of life in their families and communities.

Taller Maya promotes the creation of social enterprises in rural Mayan communities by providing infrastructure, equipment and supplies, accompanying artisans in their growth and helping them build  access to  the artisanal market.

The collection of "Mexicaba" bags, represents 4 months  of Taller Maya artisan´s work and artisans from other communities who added their talent and effort to make the total production of pieces possible. For Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya and Taller Maya each bag delivered meant a successful challenge accomplished that required support, empathy, effort, and confidence in the team and the artisans, to achieve the quality expected by the Christian Louboutin´s team.

The commitment, talent and work of Mayan artisans can be seen in each bag of "Mexicaba”. A total of 23 communities of artisans from the Yucatan Peninsula made this project possible.

The knowledge and effort of artisans of Dzitbalché, X-Canhá, Xmabén, Ukum, Xmejía and November 20, from the state of Campeche, as well as Katab, Canek, Xohuayán, Dzán, Tipikal, Tixpéhual, Tekit, Teabo, Santa Maria Acú, Umán, Kimbilá, Maní, Yaxunah and Mérida, from the state of Yucatan were part of this great project.

The collection launched on May 3, represents a fair remuneration for the work of the artisans in the creation of these pieces. Additionally, of each piece of the collection sold in Christian Louboutin´s boutiques, 10% of the income will go to the FHMM to keep developing projects that benefit artisans and their communities.

"Beyond the economic and social impact of more than 100 families, what drives us is the energy of the people we work with. The collaboration with Christian Louboutin's team has opened our minds to new possibilities. "

Carola Diez, Director of Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation.

Celebrate with us, this great collaboration that recognizes and promotes the cultural heritage and the magic of the work of the artisans of Taller Maya. You take part of this movement by taking a piece of the Mayan world with you and make a difference consuming artisanal.